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Future Ready Project

Future Ready
We all want your children to be successful in whatever they choose to do.  The world is changing in how we communicate, think, and interact. This changes the way we teach and the way students learn.  The ability to work with others, use technology, and solve problems are important skills needed to learn digitally, think creatively, and compete globally.
Through Decatur ISD's Future Ready Project, students will be given the opportunity for an education that will provide the skills needed to be very successful in an ever-changing world. To learn more about the Future Ready Project CLICK HERE. 
Our Mission... 
Decatur ISD is committed to providing a quality education where students will learn digitally, think creatively, and compete globally.
We want to be a district...
  • where all children succeed, feel safe and their curiosity is cultivated.
  • that fosters a sense of belonging and community and inspires collaboration.
  • that believes in learning standards that challenge, and intentionally designed experiences that delight students, develop their confidence and competence, and cause every child to value tasks that result in learning.
  • that prepares all children for many choices and that gives them the tools and attitudes to contribute to our democratic way of life and live successfully in a rapidly changing world.