Hurricane Relief Efforts

  • hurricane Some great DHS student leaders along with wonderful activist teachers and administrators began a district wide movement to help aid families in need in south Texas.  Our team decided to focus our efforts district wide by grade level.  We hope you will join us!  

    We will collect the following items until Friday, September 8.  
    Our team has created a relationship with a partner school - Victoria ISD - where we plan to donate all items.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.   


    Carson, Rann, and Young Elementary schools: 
    Kindergarten: Shampoo and/or Conditioner
    1st grade: Deodorant
    2nd grade: Toilet paper and/or paper towels
    3rd grade: Bug spray
    4th grade:  Contact cases and/or contact solution
    5th grade: Razors and/or shaving cream


    McCarroll Middle School:

    6th grade: Toothbrushes
    7th grade: Toothpaste
    8th grade: Soap
    High School:
    9th grade: Flip Flops
    10th grade:  New Socks
    11th grade: New towels and/or washcloths
    12th grade: Baby wipes 
    We are also collecting monetary donations at our home games and at some campuses.  We plan to send this money directly to an organization who is supplying new underwear for victims of Hurricane Harvey: Undies For Everyone