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Rann Elementary




                 Battle of Books

This is a huge event for us held in the spring for miner - 2nd grade students.
A list of books is chosen at the end of the year prior
to the year the books are in the contest. Students have time to begin
reading over the summer if they choose to. Throughout the year, the
teachers read from the BOB list for the younger students. Quizzes are created for
each book, and students become a part of the teams by their cut off scores
on the quizzes. Teachers are the team captains, themes are chosen, practices
are scheduled, and the excitement of the big event is throughout the school. Book
boards are created by grade levels pertaining their favorite pick from the list,
and displayed in the hall the week prior to the contest. Students love to show
their contribution to their book board to anyone who will listen. This is a a great
way to get kids excited about reading. Parents are welcome at the contest, and
volunteers help with the monitoring of groups. The big event is culminated with
everyone going skating at our local skating rink!

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