Inclement Weather Overview

  • Weather conditions may occur which make it necessary for the schools in Decatur ISD to be closed for the safety of our 3,000+ students and more than 400 employees. DISD closely monitors weather and road conditions when inclement weather is forecast. In the event of bad weather, we must consider the safety of all students when making decisions about school closures.
    DISD administrators work closely with local police, fire and emergency management experts and will determine school delays or cancellations based on the safety of all students and staff district-wide.  No announcements will be made when schools are to remain open. If schools are to be closed for an entire day, that announcement will be made by 6:30 a.m. that day. 
    Early release of classes already in session may be made if it appears that weather conditions are becoming worse and driving would be hazardous.  We are always mindful of our 1,200+ student population who are transported to school via our bus program. We want to ensure they arrive home to a parent or guardian who can take care of them if early release is imminent.   
    DISD uses multiple methods to notify parents of school delays and school closures. We contact our parents and employees by voice phone call, text message, and email via the district's ParentLink automated notification system. In addition, information is posted on the district website and posted on the district's Twitter and Facebook pages. Local TV and radio stations also are notified of weather-related schedule changes.  DISD thanks you in advance for your patience in the event of a winter weather situation.