Leaves and Absences

  • Medical Leave 

    The district offers employees paid and unpaid leaves of absence in times of personal need. This page provides an overview of the basic types of leave available and restrictions on leaves of absence. 

    Employees who are absent for more than 5 days for personal illness, family illness, death in family or family emergency should contact Benefits for information about how their leave will affect their paychecks and for required paperwork.

    Sandy Nation: 940-393-7110


    Types of leave

    • Local/state leave
    • Temporary disability
    • Family Medical Leave

    Family Medical Leave Process

    If these conditions apply, you must contact Benefits. See below for an overview of the process.

    • Long-term absence due to illness, maternity, disability 
    • Absence for more than five consecutive work days

    Step 1: Employee requests Medical Leave of Absence

    Employee completes these forms and sends to Benefits:

    Step 2: Benefits responds to leave request

     An employee is eligible for FMLA if:

    • worked for the district for at least 12 months and
    • worked a minimum of 1,250 hours in the preceding 12 months prior to an absence

     If not eligible for FMLA, leave will be designated as Temporary Disability.

    Human resources sends these documents to the employee:

    Step 3: Employee submits doctor  forms

    Employee returns doctor certification forms within 15 work days.

    Step 4: Benefits determines FMLA eligibility

    Benefits officially designates the leave as Family Medical Leave or as a temporary disability.

    Step 5: Benefits processes absences

    Absences are worked by deducting from available sick leave days and then payroll docks, if necessary.

    Step 6: Employee is released to work

    Employee submits doctor release form to Benefits and returns to work.