English as a Second Language
    Carson has a content based program where ESL strategies are embedded in the daily lessons by the classroom teachers. All Carson Elementary teachers are ESL certified and know strategies that will help our English as a second language learners excel.  If our students continue struggling and need additional supports or accommodations, we have a pull out program where such interventions are taught. 
    ESL students are monitored each six weeks through grades and class performance. They are also formally assessed on their progress through TELPAS testing in the spring where they look at listening, speaking, writing, and reading. ESL parents will receive the results of this testing yearly. 
    If you have an ESL student and have questions about the program, services or your child's progress, please contact me at anytime at robyn.mahoney@decaturisd.us  or call 940-393-7549.
    Robyn Mahoney
    ESL Coordinator
    Dyslexia Teacher