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Decatur Independent School District


Name Title Email Phone
Rod Townsend Superintendent rod.townsend@decatur.esc11.net 393.7100
Troy Bagwell Director of Technology troy.bagwell@decatur.esc11.net 393-7150
Judi Bell Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction judi.bell@decatur.esc11.net 393-7100
Meradith Culpepper Director of Human Resources and Federal Programs meradith.culpepper@decatur.esc11.net 393-7100
Holly Fuller Director of Communications holly.fuller@decatur.esc11.net 393-7116
Charity Knight, RN Director of Health Services charity.knight@decatur.esc11.net 393-7181
Jared Laaser Director of Transportation jared.laaser@decatur.esc11.net 393-7122
Shelly Laaser Director of Child Nutrition shelly.laaser@decatur.esc11.net 393-7170
Merl Pryor Maintenance and Facilities merl.pryor@decatur.esc11.net 393-7131
Terrie Pryor Secretary to the Superintendent terrie.pryor@decatur.esc11.net 393-7100
Cindy Tatum Deputy Superintendent, Chief Financial Officer cindy.tatum@decatur.esc11.net 393-7100
April Whisenant Director of Special Programs april.whisenant@decatur.esc11.net 393-7160
Melinda Woods Bilingual, ELL and Assessment Coordinator melinda.woods@decatur.esc11.net 393-7115
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