Decatur High School Prom overview

  • DHS Prom will be Saturday, April 28, 2018 at Texas Motor Speedway.

    Prom payment is due no later than Friday, March 30, 2018.  Please see Mrs. Smith in the counseling office if you have any questions.


    The DHS Junior Class is responsible for giving the Junior-Senior Prom.  The Junior Class officers and their parents are the committee that is in charge of raising the money, coordinating, planning, and decorating for the prom.  The Junior Class President and his/her parents are the chairs of that committee. 

    • It has been a long-standing tradition at DHS for ONLY Juniors and Seniors who are enrolled and attending DHS to be invited to the Prom.  
    • Students attending DAEP are not part of the DHS campus, and therefore, are not invited to the DHS Prom.  If a student is assigned to ISS or DAEP the day of the prom, he/she may not attend the prom.
    • If prom is on a school day, students must attend school that day in order to go to the prom.
    • For the 2017-18 school year - 10 points must be earned by a junior to pay for both junior and senior prom and project graduation fees. Each point is worth one hour, so ten (10) hours must be worked in the concession stand during football season.
    • Ways to earn points for prom: Football concessions is the main way to earn points. Other opportunities include unloading the trailer with concession stand supplies and stocking them in the concession stands, helping with the homecoming float during homecoming years, other possible fundraisers, and any other opportunities that arise. These additional opportunities will be announced through school announcements, parent/student emails, and the Junior Class Remind texts/app. All juniors and junior parents are encouraged to sign up for the reminds each year.  
    • Only juniors may earn points; seniors may not work concessions. Exceptions to this rule are move-ins, transfers, hardships, etc. 
    • Financial Hardships: Applications are available through the prom sponsor (currently Mrs. Lauren Smith in the first floor counseling office) and must be approved by the counseling office. See the prom sponsor with questions regarding financial hardships.  
    • If a junior does not earn enough work points, he/she may pay to go to Prom.  A junior who has earned some work points, but not the minimum amount, can pay proportionally.  For example, if ten work points were required to go to Prom free, and the amount to pay to go to prom is $250, a junior who has earned five work points would have to pay $125. 
    • Junior students who are trying to graduate early must earn the minimum points or pay the fee before they can attend the prom.
    • The juniors give the prom to honor the seniors, so all DHS seniors who are enrolled and attending school are invited.  If seniors did not earn sufficient points attend for free, they may pay their balance for prom.  
    • Students must have earned enough credits by the beginning of term one to be classified as a Junior and either have earned the minimum points or must pay the fee in order to attend the prom.
    • STUDENTS WHO ARE PAST DUE ON PAYING FEES OR FINES OF ANY SORT (including missing or damaged textbooks, parking fees/fines, etc.) WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ATTEND THE PROM.