• To get to Family Access, click on the Skyward Family Access Link to the Left

    Attention Parents and Guardians
    If you are having problems logging into Skyward Family Access, please contact your child's campus.  Each campus is prepared to assist you in any Skyward Family Access issues you may have. Below is a list of phone numbers for each campus:

    Decatur High School
    Decatur Middle School
    Decatur Intermediate School
    Carson Elementary School
    Rann Elementary School

    Identification will be required to obtain a username and password.  A Family Access Signup form is available below.

    Skyward Signup Form
    (Must have Adobe Reader to View)

    It is important to keep your password in a safe place. Doing so ensures that no one else can obtain information you do not want others to view. Password will be generated by the computer so no selected passwords will be available. Most passwords are alpha numeric.

    Instructions to Retrieve Username and Password

    1. Click on the Skyward Icon to the left to go to Skyward Family Access.

    2. You should be directed to a Skyward Family Access Login Screen.  At this screen click on the link below the login fields that says “Forgot your login or password?”

    3.  That link will direct you to page that requests you enter your e-mail address.  Enter your full e-mail address in the field.  If all goes well, Skyward will have your e-mail address, will find your name, and then it will e-mail you your username and password for Skyward Family Access.

    4.  IMPORTANT:  Please remember the username and password is created by the Skyward Student Information System. Since the system automatically creates a Username and Password, it will look much more different than a username and password you may use daily for work or personal use.  For instance, your username may look similar to the following: SmithJoe001 

    5.  Once you have received your username and password in your e-mail, you may return to Skyward icon in the middle column and enter the required information. Click the Login button.

    6.  Once you are in Family Access, please take a look around.  You will not be able to make any changes so feel free to go wherever you would like.  If you have more than one child you will have a drop down menu at the top of the screen that will list each of your children.