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All Subjects
All Subjects
Amazing place for games for all subjects
Better than PowerPoint
All Subjects Academic Skill Builders
All Subjects TeacherTube-Educational Videos
All Subjects Aven's Corner-Games for PreSchool
All Subjects Official Kid's Portal for the US Government
All Subjects Montana for Kids
All Subjects The Why Files
All Subjects Create Digital Movie Online
All Subjects Online Depository of Famous Speeches
All Subjects Games for all Subjects
All Subjects Songs for Teaching
All Subjects Online Rudiments of Wisdom
All Subjects Online Games
All Subjects Online Tips, Games, and Exercises
All Subjects Homework Help Site
All Subjects Mother Lode of Online Games
Art The Artist's Toolkit

Art Art Junction
Art Art Detective
Art Art Express
Art Color Matters

Art Inside Art
Art Kinders and Art

Art Learn to Draw with Gary Harbo
ESL ESL Helps Galore
ESL  ESL Activities
ESL Learning English Online
Google Earth Google Earth is a facinating way to teach Math (measuring), Science (weather, erosion), Social Studies (battlefields), Technology, etc. These sites provide popular, unique, odd, or just plain puzzling sites caught by the flying cameras. Some of the sites contain lesson plans to incorporate this technology into your subject area. My students love to just explore where they live or the sites they have visited near and far or those they wish to experience.
Google Earth
Google Earth
Google Earth
Google Earth

Google Earth
Google Earth
Google Earth
Google Earth 
Google Earth

Google Earth
Google Earth
Google Earth
Language Arts 39 Online Exercises/Games
Language Arts Online Basic Skills Games

Language Arts 35 Online Games
Language Arts Online Drills⊂=k2&subsub=l
Language Arts Spelling and Typing

Math 72 Marvelous Math Games

Math Math Fling the Teacher
Math Fun Math Sites Galore

Math Cool Math Games Galore
Math Math is Fun
Math Fun Brain Math
Math Whole List of Fun Math Sites for Kids
Math Math Playground
Math AAA Math
Math Fun way to Tie Math to Real Life
Math Math Cats
Math All Grade Levels Math Tips
Math Literally 100+ Math Sites Listed
Music Creating Music
Music Learn to Play Guitar
Music Learn to Read Music
Music Music from Bottles

Physics Physics
Science Adventures of Herman the Worm
Science Sci4Kids
Science 57 Fun Science Websites for Kids
Science 100+ Science Games
Science All Systems Go
Science The Adventures of Herman
Science Sci4Kids
Science Subjects for Science Fairs
Science Kids World
Science Kid's Site
Science Plants in Motion
Science Smokey the Bear's Official Webpage

Science Space Weather Prediction Center
Science Space
Science Paleoclimatology
Science Water
Science Periodic Table Comic Book
Science The Happy Scientist Videos
Science Music from Bottles
Science Virtual Frog Dissection
Science Hangman Game
Social Studies America's Story
Social Studies Lewis and Clark
Social Studies Geography
Social Studies Geography Challenge
Social Studies Testing Your Geo Sense
Social Studies Treasure Trove of Online Sites
Social Studies Play Online Geonet
Social Studies Online Drills and Facts
Social Studies Social Studies Online Games
Social Studies Smithsonian Online Activities
Social Studies See Your Name in Hieroglyphs

Technology Microsoft Office Reference Guides

Free Clipart for Digital Storytelling or Slideshows
Free Photos for Digital Storytelling or Slideshows
Free Photos for Digital Storytelling or Slideshows
Free Sound Effects for Digital Storytelling or Slideshows

Kid Safe Search Engines

Dictionaries & Reference Sites


Mathematics Resources

Social Studies Resources

Fine Arts Links

Other "COOL" Stuff


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Teacher Resources


Awesome Librarylinks for teachers, counselors, nurses and administrators

EduhoundEducational directory of resource links

Kathy Shrock's Guide for Educators

MicroSoft Office Education

PBS Teacher Source  Lesson plans, activities and links to most subjects 

Plagiarism Theme page

PuzzleMaker(make mazes and all kinds of puzzles)

TeachersFirst(lesson matrix, tips, support, and more...)

Teaching.comLinks for teachers and administrators


The Gateway to Educational Materials(lessons by level and content areas)


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Parent Resources

ChildFun Family Website:Parenting advice, preschool ideas, and support for families

Connected Mathematics Program: This site was designed with tools and resources specifically to help parents help their children succeed in mathematics. In addition to homework help and tips on organizing student work, you have access to a wealth of valuable materials to help you become familiar with the program's methodology and research-based approach.

Family Friendly Fun: A site that offers access to mind, body and spirit- enriching information that enhances the quality and enjoyment of family life with special needs

FamilyPlay:Activities You Can Do with Your Family

Helping your Child Learn Math(a site for parents from the US Department of Education

Magazine Directory: Hundreds of links to popular magazines

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