Social Studies Resources


History (General)

Country Studies

EyeWitness History

Harcourt Brace Social Studies

History Channel Classroom

History Homework Help

History and Social Studies Resources for K-12 Teachers

History Net- Where History Lives on the Web

Internet Medieval Sourcebook

Renaissance- Join us as we explore the Renaissance.

Time Travelers - Ohio Historical Society

Women's History

Yahooligan's History Guide

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Historical Documents

American Memory Page(Library of Congress)

American Historical Documents(Yahooligans)

Articles of Confederation, 1781

Archiving Early America

Avalon Project at Yale Law School:Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy

The Creation of the US Constitution

Chronology of US Historical Documents

Constitution of the United States of America

Declaration of Independence

Documents of Freedom

Karpeles Manuscript Library

US History Texts

Valley of the Shadow- Two Communities in the American Civil War

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Flags and Maps of the World

World Flag Data Base

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US Government Websites for Kids

First Gov - Your first click to the U.S. Government

Ben's Guide to US Government for kids- a resource for grades K-12
CIA World Fact Book
Civil Rights- Law and History
Digital Diplomacy for Kids
Government Resources on the Web- Federal as well as World Governments.
Model UN Program
Kids Voting USA
Thomas - US Congress on the Internet- (Library of Congress Site)
Supreme Court of the United States
United States Capitol
United States Government Manual
US Presidents
US Senate
The White Houseand Presidential Powers Lesson plan for grades 8-12
Yahooligan's Guide to the Presidents

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U.S. History

America's Library Presents America's Story

American Civil War

African American Odyssey: The Civil War (Part 1)

American Memories- Part of the Library of Congress Collection

Amistad- Exploring Amistad, This Discovery Section introduces the story of the Amistad Revolt and its historical setting.

Betsy Ross Homepage

Avalon Project at Yale Law School American History: a Documentary Record 1492-1973

Colonial Hall - Biographies of America's Founding Fathers

Electric Ben Franklin

Lewis and Clark- Journals of the Corps of Discovery

Library of Congress

National Museum of American History

National Air and Space Museum

New Perspective on the West

Project Whistlestop - Truman Digital Library

The Oregon Trail- Western Expansion in the United States.

The Papers of George Washington- University of Virginia

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

The Smithsonian

Star Spangled Banner Preservation Project

US Diplomatic History Timeline

US A MUST SEE! Learn about the US and her history through this extensive website.

Valley Forge

Virtual Jamestown

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