Decatur High School

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  • Alma Mater
     School that we love, we sing unto thee.
    We pledge our best for your victory. 
     Clean fighting for the white, loyalty for blue,
    Eagles of DHS, Decatur watches you! 
    Fight Song
    We are the Eagles of Decatur High.
    We wear the colors of Blue and White.
    Our team may win or lose or tie the game,
    but we will play it fair and right.
    We are good sports and always back our team.
    At every ball game you'll hear our cry.
    So Eagles fight, fight, fight
    with all your might,
    and win this game for Decatur High. 
    Our Mission
    Decatur High School is committed to providing a quality education where
      students will learn digitally, think creatively, and compete globally. 
  • Eagle Eye