• Decatur

    Physical Education Policies


    Objective: To develop the interest and skill level needed to achieve a lifetime of wellness and physical activity through team and individual activities.



    Everyone will participate. If you happen to be sick or injured, a note from your parent/ guardian is required to sit out. It is important that the students participate each day because their grade is based off of participation.



    -       Participation: A student will receive 20 points a day for a five-day week based on participating in each days activity. Points will be deducted if the students are not following rules, participating or tardy to class.


    -       Citizenship: Includes following rules, directions/instructions, sportsmanship, cooperation with peers and teacher, and appropriate attitude and behavior.


    Class Rules:

    -       Treat your teacher and classmates with respect.

    -       Be in your assigned spot ready to participate when the tardy bell rings.

    -       Absolutely no horseplay is allowed in the gym.

    -       No Gum, Candy, Food, or Soda is allowed in the gym.

    -       No jewelry will be worn during activities.

    -       All school rules will be strictly enforced.

    -       Leave backpacks, cell phones, and ipads in hall lockers.  The only thing you   need is yourself ready to participate.

    -       Always be prepared to go outside for class.


    If you have any questions, see your teacher.

    Do your best – EFFORT goes a long way.

    We want class to be enjoyable for everyone.