Welcome to the Decatur Intermdiate School Band Program!!
    Important Considerations


    We want to help match your child with an instrument that he/she will enjoy playing and will be successful playing. In order to do this, we consider many factors. We also encourage you to consider these factors so you can be an informed participant in this important process. Below is a partial list of considerations.


    • We want to consider your child’s interest in certain instruments after seeing, hearing, and reading about all the available instrument choices. We encourage each child to come to the interview with the idea of trying three or four instruments rather than having his/her heart set on just one.


    • Your child’s unique physical characteristics should be considered. Teeth, lips, jaw, facial muscles, fingers, hands, and coordination are often good indicators in helping us match children with particular instruments. There are also NO gender specific instruments. Anyone can learn to play any instrument!


    • We want to avoid making decisions based on factors that do not have the child’s best interest in mind. For example, a family member’s experience with a certain instrument often has no bearing on a child’s unique abilities or interests. Many older family instruments end up requiring expensive reconditioning and still prove far more challenging for young players to play than one of the recommended models. We recommend models and brands of instruments, mouthpieces, and equipment that beginners are likely to have the most success on.


    The Decatur Intermediate School 6th Grade Band in a Nutshell


    • Beginner Band meets as a regular class every day. It is graded as an academic class with quizzes and homework.


    • NO musical background is necessary for playing in band. We teach the fundamentals of music, musical notation, and the techniques unique to the individual instruments.


    • There is NO conflict between sports and band scheduling. Most band students are concurrently involved in sports. (Your kids can do sports & band together)


    • Beginner band classes are set up in groups of like instruments.

    • For normal progress, a minimum of 15 minutes home practice is required each day.


    • We take field trips, perform in concerts, and go on a Spring Trip.

    6th Grade Considerations