• 6th grade Band Expectations and Information



    1.   Students must have all their supplies daily for class including:

          a.     Folder/Book/Binder   

          b.     Pencil

          c.      Instrument

          d.     Specific Instrument supplies as determined by director


    2.      Students are expected to take their instrument and book home and practice outside of class time.


    3.     Students will have playing tests both during class or submitted by video as determined by the teacher.


    4.     Students will have written tests on music theory, including staff identification, names of lines and spaces, note and rest values, counting and correct music notation.  Students will also be tested on note identification and note fingerings.


    5.     Students will have several required performances throughout the year.  These include Fall Concert, Spring Festival/trip and Spring Concert.  Solo and Ensemble Contest will be optional but encouraged.


    6.    Parents are expected to supply their student’s instrument,  and specific instrument supplies.  We will have a rental drive at the beginning of the school year where parents can get instruments.  Band is a year long commitment.  Students will need their instrument for the full year.  If there is an issue or concern please contact us.


    7.    Students will need to pass off instrument specific skills at the end of the school year as determined by each instrument and teacher.


    8.   Students will help with several fundraisers throughout the school year to help the Decatur Band Boosters.  The Booster organization pays for t-shirts, field trips and any extras throughout the year.  Parents are encouraged to join and support the Boosters.


    9.  Students will be given written communication about events outside of the school day.  We email the same communication to parents through skyward.


    10.  There will be a $10  band t-shirt.