• Student Transfers


    Decatur ISD welcomes new students who would want to be a part of an outstanding, high-quality district. For an out-of-district student to attend Decatur ISD, a transfer application must be filled out and approved. 

    Decatur ISD reserves the right to accept or deny any out-of-district transfer.

    New students wishing to transfer must complete the new student transfer application. Factors that will be considered in granting or denying a transfer include but are not limited to grades, attendance, and discipline records in previous districts and space available in Decatur schools.

    Transfers may be denied for any or no reason. Transfer denials are final and are not subject to appeal.

    Once an application has been submitted, Decatur ISD will notify you of the results of your request. A student shall not participate in any district activities until they receive notice of approval by the district.

    Options for student transfers include:

    • Transfer from another District where the Decatur ISD employee resides to DISD (Non-Resident Employee Transfer)
    • Transfer from another District to Decatur ISD (Interdistrict Transfer)
    • Transfer from a DISD school to another school in DISD (Intradistrict Transfer)

    How to Complete an Application

    1. This form is for NEW TRANSFERS ONLY.
    2. You will go through a series of questions. You might not know all the answers. The system allows you to “save” your application and complete it at a later date.
    3. Once you submit your application, you cannot go back and make changes.
    4. Only complete applications are considered.

    Apply Here

    Once you have received an approval notification via email or post and have accepted the offer, you will need to complete the new student enrollment using Skyward's New Student Online Enrollment.