Algebra Grading Policy:

    I will follow the grading policy as stated in the handbook for High School classes. I have attached a picture for your reference. No work will be accepted after the test is given for that unit. 

    40% Daily Work/Homework/Quiz

    60% Test/Projects

    Minimum of 8 daily grades (40%) and 2 Summatives (60%). 


    High School Grading Policy

     If over 30% of the class receives a failing grade on a test or major assignment, the teacher will reteach for mastery and the students will have an opportunity to redo the work. 

    The teacher may choose to do a different assessment than he/she used the first time. 

    Summative exams (six weeks and semester) will be exempt from this policy.

    If a student is absent, they will have 1 day plus the number of days absent to complete the work. If the student is absent the day of or before a test, the student will take the test when they return.