• Science Class Information


    Welcome to 6th grade Science/Advanced Science for the 2022-2023 school year.  Sixth grade is a time of exciting new experiences and opportunities and the science classroom is no exception!  We will be studying many new concepts this year, including the periodic table, cells, heat transfer, and tectonic plates.   We will have many fun science experiments and projects during the year.  Get ready to have some fun!   


    Interactive Science Binder

    Science Binder

    This year, students will be using science binders in class.   We will be adding to our science binder daily.  We will set up our science binder during the first week of school.  It is very important that your child brings their science binder to school daily.   The science binder will be graded once every six weeks using the science binder rubric provided.  

    These science binders are a great organizational tool for students.   Students will use them daily in class and they will be a powerful tool for reviewing for their quizzes and unit tests.





    Homework and projects may be assigned during the school year.  Any daily work not completed in class will be sent home to be completed by the next school day.  Failure to turn in an assignment can result in a phone call home or a reduction in grade on the assignment.

      If you have any questions about homework assignments, please login to your child's Skyward account.   This is where you will be able to review your child's grades and see missing assignments.   

    If you have any questions, please email me.  I am happy to help!

    Email: julie.harrisevans@decaturisd.us



    Science Units


    Introducion: Lab Safety and Lab Equipment

    Unit 1:  Investigating Chemicals

    Unit 2:  Properties of Matter   

    Unit 3:  Force and Motion

    Unit 4:  Energy Resources and Transformations

    Unit 5:  Thermal Energy

    Unit 6:  Earth Materials

    Unit 7:  Plate Tectonics

    Unit 8:  Taxonomic Groups

    Unit 9:  Ecosystems

    Unit 10:  Solar System and Exploration


    Classroom Expectations
    • I ask that all students be on time and be prepared for class when the bell rings.  We work the entire class time.
    • Bring your science binder with you to class daily.
    • Bring a set of headphones and keep them in your backpack.   We use headphones often in science!
    • Charge your Chromebook each night.
    • Bring a sharpened pencil to class each day. 
    • Use the restroom during your passing periods.   Exceptions will be made for emergencies. 
    • Come to class each day with a positive attitude.


     Contact Mrs. Evans

    Contact Me

    Email: julie.harrisevans@decaturisd.us

    I check my email often during the day and usually once when I get home from school after dinner.   If I cannot email you back immediately, I will get back with you within 24 hours.  Thank you for your understanding.   I am glad to answer any question you may have!