• 2022 Results
    Thank you to all the young ladies who tried out!! You are brave. You are strong.
    Uniform fitting will be March 28th. Mandatory!! Plan to be there. (moms we need your help, too.)
    Cheer Camp will be on May 30-June 2 @ McCarroll Middle School.
    Practices will be held from 4:30-5:30 on Wednesdays, beginning the first week of school.
    Football games are on Tuesday nights, beginning at 6 & 7:30pm. 
    Mascot: Hannah Sears
    7th grade:
    S. Davis
    M. Dunn
    B. Meador
    L. Reed
    H. Rohman
    C. Stacy
    R. Thrasher-Siegfield
    K. Wiggins
    8th Grade:
    M. Ballard
    L. Maddux
    A. Merchant
    P. O'Conner
    S. Remington
    R. Reyes
    B. Smith
    A. Weeks
    Everyone did an amazing job. Keep smiling.