• Classroom assignments


    Most, if not all, lessons will occur in person! If oyu are out for more than 3 days, check Canvas for your sketchbook assignments.

    Daily assignments lead to finished projects. Each finished project is a test grade.
    Self-evaluation and sketchbook assignments are also included as daily/test grades.

    Many times, students feel the sketchbook is an obligation. However, it should be viewed as an opportunity to try new things or media of interests.
    Students are to complete 4 sketchbook assignments per week, totally 100 points per week. On the 6th week, students receive a test grade based on weeks 1-5. If a student misses a week, the work will be graded the following week. However, if the progress report OR 6 weeks grade window is passed, those grades stay as is.
    Since the projects count toward test grades, there is not necessarily a 6 weeks test grade, but it will be a project test grade.