Welcome to Counseling and Guidance

    GOALS of the DHS Counseling Department

    1.   Provide all students with safe, nurturing, inclusive, and flexible learning environments. 

    2.   Utilize data to develop, implement, and assess comprehensive guidance and counseling programs. 

    3.   Guide all students as they plan, monitor, and manage their own educational, career, and personal-social-emotional development. 

    4.   Ensure our program reflects district, state, and national counseling ethics, standards, and expectations. 

    5.   Engage the 21st century learner through the use of technological tools.

    6.   Implement curriculum which develops personal-social-emotional skills. 

    7.   Intervene on behalf of students with immediate personal concerns or problems in the areas of personal-social-emotional, career, and/or educational development.

    8.   Provide system support for our diverse community through: consultation with teachers; parent education and community partnerships; campus-based school improvement plans and goals; and state and local standardized testing program.