Athletic Forms

  • Please follow the instructions  below to complete all athletic forms and submit a copy of Athletic Physicals.  


    RankOne Instructions for Parents & Athletes

     1.     Follow the following link-

    2.     Click Proceed to Online Forms

    3.     If you as a parent would like to have an account on RankOne, click Create New Account.  However, you do not need to create an account to fill out online forms for your child.  If you do not want to create an account, click Continue as a guest.

    4.     For box 1, Labelled Physical, If your child needs a new physical, it gives you instructions on how to download that, OR you can also find a copy on the athletics page on the DISD school website under athletic forms

    a.     Kids that will need a physical

                 i.          Incoming 7th graders

                ii.          If you answer “YES” to any of questions 1-22 on the online medical history page

               iii.          If you are new to athletics or marching band (incoming 9th grade band will need a physical)

     5.     For box 2, labelled Medical History, you will click on the blue link that says Medical History.  The following page must have all information filled out.  You can find your child’s student ID number on skyward.  Keep in mind that the RankOne system takes away 0’s before an ID.  For example, if your child’s Student ID is 0000123, in RankOne it would be 123.  Please email me if you cannot get your child’s ID to work.  Make sure to click submit at the bottom to save

    6.     For box 3, labelled UIL Forms Signature Page, you will click on the blue link that says UIL Forms Signature Page.  On the following page you will fill out the top information and will see 4 check boxes with 4 blue links next to them.  Please click and read each blue link and check the box next to the information. After checking boxes, fill out remaining information on

    7.     For boxes 4 and 5, labelled Emergency Medical Consent and Medication Permit, follow the same instructions as you did with box 2 and 3.  Click on the link and it will take you to a following page with all the information on it.f

    Once you’ve finished those steps, you will be good to go!  All 2019 dated physicals are approved to work for the 2020 year UNLESS you fall under the 3 categories on bullet point 4.  Please reach out to me if there is any more information needed!

     Kamden Phillips

    Co-Head Athletic Trainer


     UIL Pre-participation physical form - Updated for 2020-21

    DISD Athletic Handbook

    DISD Concussion Protocol 

    DISD Extracurricular Code Of Conduct