• Decatur ISD is sending a Destination Imagination team to the state tournament for the sixth time in district history. The Decatur squad, which competes March 22 and 23 in Corpus Christi,was among a field of 10 DISD teams that competed in the regional compeition in February. Led by manager Gayla Ballou, the team is composed of 5th graders Maddie Ballou, Jocelyn Ross, Shane Elosique, Rhett Brent, Clayton Adams and Rann 3rd grader Laynee Ballou.
    Destination Imagination is volunteer-led non-profit organization whose purpose is to inspire and equip students to become the next generation of innovators and leaders. The organization is a leader in project-based learning experiences, where students work together in teams to solve open-ended STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) and service learning Challenges and then present their solutions at tournaments. Destination Imagination has impacted more than one million students. 
    Christi Perkins is the Decatur ISD Coordinator and serves on DI's regional board.
    Carson Teams
    Team Manager: Crystal Perry
    Award - Outstanding Story
    Reagan Perry
    Leighann Larimar
    Annabelle Larimar
    Makenna Gillum
    Azure Riley
    Team Manager: Tiffany Joseph - Placed 8th
    Avery Perry
    Trinity McElhaney
    Sarah Joseph
    Ariana Medina
    Kyleigh Denney
    Zada Joseph
    Young Teams
    Team Manager: Brooklyn Huffman and Stephanie Massengale -  Placed 4th!
    Kimball Houchin
    Dakota Massengale
    Everett Huffman
    Cody Hunter
    Team Manager: Keri Miller - Rising Stars
    Riley Miller
    Bentley Miller
    Eastyn Huffman
    Braxton Harfield
    Doris Lo
    Rann Teams
    Team Manager: Kristy Campbell - Placed 8th
    Barrett Campbell
    Levi Pegues
    Annabel Gomez
    Jazlyn Flores
    Abby Reeves
    Team Manager: Kristy Campbell
    Rising Stars
    Maddox Campbell
    Bo Ballou
    Easton Morris
    Cole Pegues
    Sophia Philley
    Intermediate and MMS
    Team Manager: Gayla Ballou - 1st Place and GOING TO STATE!
    Maggie Ballou - 5th
    Laynee Ballou - 3rd grader from Rann
    Jocelyn Ross - 5th
    Shane Elosique - 5th
    Rhett Brent - 5th
    Clayton Adams - 5th
    Team Manager: Stephanie Massengale - Placed 6th
    Raven Noble - 6th
    Kali Mitchell - 6th
    Trynadee Massengale - 6th
    Alyssa Massengale - 8th
    Team Manager: Kelly Jacobsen - Placed 10th
    Daniel Lo  - 5th
    Brookelyn Tucker - 5th
    Shiv Patel - 5th
    Chloe Hammons - 4th grader from Carson
    eXtreme Team - Placed 5th
    Madeline Cox
    Alexis Bishop