The Hogan Family


    Room: 227


    Tutorial Times:

    Monday and Wednesday 3:40-4:00


     I am so excited to be a part of Decatur High School! It's hard to believe that I'm starting my 22nd year as an English teacher! My journey in education began with 6th grade where I have an Elementary Education Certification (1st-8th grade). Later in my career, I obtained my Secondary ELAR Certification 9th-12th grade).  

    My career began in Breckenridge, Texas, where I taught 6th grade. My family later moved to Littlefield, Texas, and I taught 3rd grade and 7th grade English. It wasn't until we moved to Decatur, Texas, that I began teaching in high school.

    My family lived in Decatur where my husband, John Hogan, served as the worship leader at First Baptist Church; and when we first moved here, I was a stay-at-home mom. Around November of that year, Paradise High School had an unforeseen teacher leave, and they needed an English teacher, immediately. I took the position as the 9th grade Pre-AP English teacher for half a day. After teaching in PISD that year, I realized how much I missed teaching; so, I took the ELAR Certification test and became certified in high school English. I continued teaching 9th grade English in Paradise for 10 years! I discovered how much I love teaching high school students in this transitional time. Also, my oldest son, Caleb Hogan, graduated from DHS while I taught in Paradise and my husband worked at FBC.

    After living in Decatur for 10 years, my husband's job took us to Weatherford, Oklahoma. For four years, I taught 9th grade English, 10th grade English, 9th grade PreAP English, and a Leadership class in Weatherford.

    Our youngest son, Cade Hogan, is in high school, and we wanted to get closer to family. So.......here we are, back in Decatur, Texas--HOME! I'm super-excited that Cade is experiencing the high school that his brother attended and is bleeding blue! I'm excited as well!! Ironically, my husband is the head volleyball coach at Paradise High School. All in all, we are very excited to be home! At DHS, I have been teaching 10th grade and 12th grade English, but in 2022-2023, I will teach 12th grade English and AVID. I'm super excited!!

    This summer, my oldest son got married to Emma so now we are a family of five! I'm looking forward to a great year!!


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