• Mrs Faught 

    District Visual Art Lead

    AP Facilitator

    Decatur High School

    DISD 2021-2022


    Studio Art I, II, III and IV/AP 

    Welcome to the #DecaturCreators!

    My name is Christina Faught and I am so excited about the new year of opportunities, to grow in art by practicing creative techniques, high- level achievements with specialized materials for development in real-world solutions; while exploring 2D 1st sem & 3D in 2nd semester)!



    • Daily Schedule: 
    1. Art II
    2. Art III
    3. Art I
    4. Art II
    5. Art I and C-LUNCH
    6. Art IV/AP
    7. Confrence
    8. Art I
    • Materials:  All materials are provided in class, but there is a class fee of $25 for Art I; as well as Art II/III is 30 and AP is 35 for upper arts.
    • Tutorials/Studio-time: I usually stay 30 minutes to an hour afterschool and can help anyone at that time:) or by appointment made 24 hours in advance.

    Motto: Work hard, Be kind, Take pride


    • Behavior Infraction Choices* (all documented): 
      • 1st Issue: Warning (Possible Seat change) 
      • 2nd Issue: Seat Change (Possible Call home)
      • 3rd Issue/Severe Infractions- 
        • Referral to Office/ Call Home
        • Sent to office with WriteUP/ Call Home
        • Alternative Assignments Assigned*

    *Students with chronic behavior issues or caught tampering with any materials or in off-limit areas can and will be assigned an alternative assignment from our Art Library; as learning about art is a must and projects are a privilege. 

    *If a student damages supplies, by misuse/ neglect/or joking, they will be charged a fine on their account with Parent Notified.


    • Grading- Daily Grade Rubric and Project Rubric (50% Each)
      • see DHS for grading Policy set forth by DISD:)
    • Submit Assignments/Feedback- DHS Faught Canvas Course
    • Hall /RR Pass- 
      • phone delivered to hanging tree (no charging please), 
      • with signing out ALL info/ taking pass, 
      • then signing back in/ return to backpack/bag 
      • NOT in the pocket or lap please to avoid distractions and see below for phone policy).
    • Phone *use without permission for planned art goals only: 
      • 1st- Taken UP and returned at the end of class. 
      • 2nd- Taken UP and returned at the end of the day.
      • 3rd- Write UP and Phone turned into the office where $15 will be owed to return it. 

    I'm so exxcited to get this year started so make sure to come ready to learn and practice art to grow in development:)!

    -Christina Faught