• Arthur

    My name is Cristina Arthur, and I am excited to add Art 2 to my list of classes this year! I solely taught Art 1 last year. As an alumni of the Academy of Art University in San Fancisco, I love all things creative. I am from Washington State, but was stationed in Texas during my first career in the Army. I fell in love with my husband and the place, so this is where we chose to bring up our three kids. We raise horses, too, so if I am not running my kids to their activities in my spare time, I am either reading, writing or riding. 

    I want this year to go well for everyone, and am here to help. Please review the syllabus below for important information.





    Work: Effort is everything. I realize not everyone has natural talent, but I also know that anyone can learn the basics of drawing and painting. Come in with an open mind and follow the steps to the techniques I teach you. You will need to have a thick skin, because as many of my former students will tell you, I will constantly say, “It could be better.” Then I will show you how to make it better. The key is to refrain from comparing yourself to others. My goal is to see you improve over the course of the year. I can tell when you are trying and when you aren’t. I want you to have fun, learn to be creative, and find the artist within yourself, but PLEASE don’t make the mistake of thinking this class is an easy “A.”


    Behavior: I will not tolerate horseplay or disruptive behavior in my classroom. Students that are not respectful of others, or supplies in the classroom, will lose their privilege to create art. No stealing, throwing, or blatantly destroying supplies, no painting or drawing on each other, and no meddling with another student’s artwork. My desk and other personal belongings are off-limits. I am an Art History major, and I have TON of book-work I can and will assign. Trust me, it’s much more fun to learn the concepts hands-on. Students are expected to be mature and responsible in all aspects of the class.



    Classroom: Enter the classroom quietly, find your seat and begin the Bell Ringer. There is a daily Bell Ringer in the form of sketching as a warm-up. Grab the scratch-paper at the front of the room as you walk in, then look to the board for the projected picture you will draw.


    Discipline Plan: We will follow the district student code of conduct. We will be respectful of others and their differences. No cursing, bullying, or disrespectful behavior will be tolerated. Minor infractions will receive a verbal warning and possible seat-change, larger infractions or chronic minor infractions will result in a write-up and referral to the office for more serious consequences.


    Food: I allow food and drink in class on two conditions: 

    1. It cannot dirty or mess-up any artwork. (spills, crumbs, etc.)
    2. Trash must be picked up and not left behind in the work area.


    If a student fails to meet these conditions, they will lose their food and drink in-class privileges.


    Cell Phone Policy: Cell phones are only allowed in class if permission has been given, or we are using cell phones to photograph and post assignments to Canvas. If a student has their cell phone out at an unauthorized time, for the first infraction, it will be taken up and returned at the end of class. The second violation, it will be taken up and returned at the end of the day. By the third time, (and every time thereafter) it will result in a written referral to the office and a fine of $15 before the administrative staff will return the phone.


    Restroom Policy: Students must turn their phone into the teacher to be allowed to go to the restroom. Sign out on the sheet by the door, noting the time you left and returned. Take the restroom pass.


    Materials:  All materials are provided in class, but there is a class fee of $25 for Art 1 and $30 for Art 2 to help cover the cost of supplies. 


    Tutorials:  I am in my class every day by 7:30am if you want to come in and get help working on a skill or concept!


    Communication Plan: My email is cristina.arthur@decaturisd.us , or you can call the high school at 940-393-7200, my extension is 7213, and my conference time is 7th period (2:02pm-2:52pm)


    I am excited about teaching your child this year! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.


    Grading Policy

    50% of your grade is Bell Work + Daily Work, 50% is Tests, Quizzes, and Projects


    At the secondary level, students will be given a minimum of 8 daily grades and 2 weighted test (major project) grades every six weeks. A Final Test/project will be given at the end of every semester. I do not assign homework, and give plenty of time for projects (a week at a minimum, 2-3 weeks on average), but if a student fails to complete work in class, they are expected to take it home to complete it before the deadline.


    Re-do Policy

    If over 30% of the class receives a failing grade on a test or major assignment, I will reteach for mastery and the students will have an opportunity to redo the work.  I may choose to do a different assessment than he/she used the first time.  Summative exams (six weeks and semester) will be exempt from this policy.


    Late work

    Secondary students will be subject to the following penalties:

    1 day late – 10 point grade reduction

    2 days late – 20 point grade reduction

    3 days late – 30 point grade reduction

    4 or more days late – ZERO


    I may consider extenuating circumstances and adjust the timelines accordingly. Please communicate with me if this is the case!


    Absent work:  If the student is absent, it is their responsibility for getting missed assignments. Everything is posted in Canvas by date - there is NO excuse for not knowing what was missed.  


    Students will be given 1 day plus the number of days missed.  Tests and projects assigned before the absences will be due or completed on the day the student returns.  I may consider extenuating circumstances and adjust timelines accordingly.



    Semester 1: Art 1 - We will begin the first six weeks with learning the Elements of Art, and finish the third six weeks with learning the Principles of Design. Semester 1 will have a 2-dimensional (drawing/painting) focus. There will be 3-4 projects total, with the opportunity to enter contests and shows.

    Art 2 - We will build on what was learned in Art 1 to more complex and advanced techniques.


    Semester 2: Art 1 - We will use the foundation learned in the first semester to develop techniques in 3-dimensional artworks, with review and reinforcement of the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design throughout 3-4 more projects. Students will showcase their work in the spring at the District Art Show, and have the opportunity to enter various contests.

    Art 2 - Again, we will build on what we have already learned to improve our skills.