• @HOME2.0

    Decatur ISD is committed to your child’s continuing education during these unique times. We are sure you have many questions about how their education will continue, and we are working hard to make sure that happens.

    Our community has been very supportive in providing a variety of instructional resources for our students. Many of these resources are made available for use by our students @HOME. Here are just a few of the many resources we provide:



    TO HELP 

    • Apple MacBooks for every Decatur High School student to use at home and at school.
    • Dell Chromebooks for every Decatur Intermediate and McCarroll Middle School student to use at home and at school.
    • Apple iPads for each elementary school student to use at school.
    • Google G-Suite for Education tools including student email, online word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software.
    • Filtered access to the Internet through Lightspeed Systems Content Filter and GoGuardian to keep students safe while online.
    • Content Monitoring using Gaggle to monitor students' files and emails for inappropriate, dangerous or abusive behaviors online.
    • Online content through textbook publishers and other educational content providers.
    • Online access to dozens of research databases through our school libraries and our local Decatur Public Library.
    • ClassLink Single Sign-On so students don't have to memorize dozens of usernames and passwords to access their resources.

    Click here for a list of the DISD Campuses and their distance learning resources.