• En Cuzco, Peru'!Bienvenidos!

    Conference time: 8th period, Phone: 940-393-7283

    Supplies needed:

    Red pen, pencil and dark pen 

    Binder with divider pockets – for vocabulary lists and notes

    Late work:  All homework is due at the beginning of class.

    Late work will receive minus 20 points,  after 3 days = 0.

    For excused absence, school policy of 1 day for each day absent will apply. 

    Grading Percentages:

    Daily work 50%

    Quizzes & Tests 50%


    All students will be expected to show curtesy and respect to each other and to the teacher.

    Any distruptive behavior affects the learning of others and will be strictly addressed: 

    first, a conference with teacher

    second, a phone call to parent

    third, a referral to the office