• Federal Programs
    Meradith Culpepper
    Director of Federal Programs

    Highly Qualified Teachers

    Decatur ISD has met all of the federal Highly Qualified Teacher reporting requirements for the current school year. To access district and campus Highly Qualified Reports, please go to: Highly Qualified TEA Reports

    Title I A:        Improving Basic Programs

    Title I C:        Migrant Education

    Title II A:      Teacher/Principal Training and Recruiting

    Title III A:      Language Instruction for Limited English Proficient and Immigrant Students

    Title I, Part-A:

    Improving Basic Programs


    The purpose of Title I, Part-A is to provide supplemental resources to designated campuses which will enable all children to meet the state student performance standards.

    Title I, Part-C:

    Migrant Education


    The goal of the Title I, Part-C Migrant Education Program is to provide programs and services that promote academic excellence and equity for the migrant students. To achieve this goal, the Migrant Program strives to design programs that build upon student strengths, eliminate barriers, provide continuity of education, and increase the level of performance of migrant students. Parental involvement is viewed as an essential part of the educational process, and home-school-community partnerships provide the support necessary to improve student achievement.


    Title II, Part-A:

    Teacher and Principal Training and Recruiting Fund


    The purpose of Title II, Part-A is to increase student academic achievement through improving teacher and principal quality and increasing the number of highly qualified teachers in the classrooms and highly qualified principals and assistant principals in the school. Title II, Part-A may be used in the following activities:


    Recruiting, hiring, and retention of highly qualified personnel.


    Professional development.


    Improving the quality of teacher and paraprofessional workforce.


    Reducing class size.


    Title III, Part-A:

    Language Instruction for Limited English Proficient and Immigrant Students


    The purpose of Title III, Part-A is to ensure that children who are limited English proficient and/or immigrants attain English proficiency so that they can develop high levels of academic attainment in English, and meet the same challenging State academic content and student academic achievement standards as all children are expected to meet. Also, the purpose of Title III, Part-A is to develop high-quality language instruction educational programs that are designed to assist the school district in teaching limited English proficient and immigrant children so that they are prepared to enter an all-English instructional setting.