In Decatur ISD, we want all children to be successful in whatever they choose to do. The world continues to change in how we communicate, think, and interact. This changes the way we teach and the way our students learn. The ability to work with others, use technology, and solve problems are important skills needed to learn, think creatively, and compete globally.  

    Ultimately, our goal at Decatur ISD is to build and strengthen a collaborative atmosphere dedicated to working in the best interest of our students. It takes more than our teachers, staff, and administrators to accomplish this - we need the Decatur community and local businesses to work with us as we build our reputation as a destination district. 



    The Decatur ISD Counseling Department believes that every student is entitled to a safe and supportive learning environment. We will use a proactive comprehensive counseling program to meet the needs of all students, enabling them to achieve success by attaining a social/emotional understanding, problem-solving skills, and developing into a responsible citizen. We, as Professional School Counselors, will continually partner with students, parents, teachers, administrators and community agencies to continually develop a comprehensive counseling program (Texas Counseling Association, 2018).

Name Campus Email Phone
Jennifer Chaney Young Elementary jennifer.Chaney@decaturisd.us (940)393-7447
Cynthia Alvarez Rann Elementary cynthia.alvarez@decaturisd.us (940)393-7600
Chasen Jackson McCarroll Middle School chasen.jackson@decaturisd.us (940)393-7300
Ambra Beaty McCarroll Middle School ambra.beaty@decaturisd.us (940)393-7300
Catherine Kelly Decatur High School catherine.kelly@decaturisd.us (940)393-7237
Megan Thomas Decatur High School megan.thomas@decaturisd.us (940)393-7235
Vickie Gordon Carson Elementary vickie.gordon@decaturisd.us (940)393-7500
Sean Stanton Decatur High School sean.stanton@decaturisd.us 940-393-7209
Brooklynn Stapleton Stem Academy @ Enis Elementary brooklynn.stapleton@decaturisd.us 940-393-7475