Using SchoolDude Technology Work Request System


    Using SchoolDude Technology Work Request System

    The Maintenance and Technology Departments utilize this system for submitting work orders.   This system will be administered by Rose Ramsey x 7150, for technology. Maintenance Requests must be entered by an administrator. Please contact them for any needs.

    The system is Internet-based and will allow requestors and users to check work orders from anywhere in or outside the district.  The system allows requestors to track the progress of all of their work orders and communicate with Rose Ramsey or Connie Sessions about status.

    Links have been made to the new system in four locations on the district web site:  
    On the District Home Page www.decaturisd.us   

    Under the Staff Tab, click on SchoolDude 1

    To use the system do the following:

    1. Click on one of the links that described above.
    2. This takes you to a screen that will ask you to enter your e-mail address.  Please enter your FULL e-mail address, i.e.firstname.lastname@decatur.esc11.net.  Click SUBMIT
    3. Since it will most likely be the first time you have used the system, it will then ask you to enter your Last Name.  Click SUBMIT.
    4. It then will ask you to enter further information.  Please complete the form with as much info as you can, making sure to enter your First Name.  Click SUBMIT
    5. You are now a new user and your personal request page will come up.  Complete the form, noting required fields, Maintenance or Technology, etc.
    6. At the bottom of the page a password is required for you to submit your work request.  The password is:  decatur    (note: all lowercase)
    7. Your work request is complete and a screen will now appear that shows you all of your work orders you have.  Here you can track status.