• Web 2.0 Tools for Engaging Websites

    www.sketchcast.com: A new way to express yourself. Use this website to create short "sketch videos" about any topic you choose or let students could create their own sketchcasts to demonstrate their learning. Sketchcast can then be uploaded to your web page simply by embedding the HTML code. Easier to use with a stylus.

    Dipity: This online tool allows registered users to create personalized time lines which can be placed on you website. Students could use this tool to create online history projects, or you could use it to create an interesting time line for the school year. Check out the example below created by the National Air and Space Museum on the 40th anniversary of the Moon Landing.

    Animoto: Allow this website to create short 30 second slide show presentations for you. Upload your own music or use music provided by animoto. I created the slide show below in under five minutes!

    Bubblesnaps: If you and your students are tired of boring pictures posted to your website, try adding speech bubbles. Students could add their thoughts to pictures of themselves working in class or on field trips. What a great way for students to demonstrate their learning! Add your bubblesnaps to your dipity time line for added fun!