• My name is Andrew Maxwell and this is my 4th year here at Decatur High School.  I teach Automotive Technology and Engineering.  I am also the golf coach for boys and girls.  Look forward to having a great year during these different times.


    1st- Advance Automotive Technology

    2nd- Advance Automotive Technology

    3rd- Conference

    4th- Lunch

    5th-Advance Automotive Technology

    6th-Advance Automotive Technology

    7th-Principles of Applied Engineering

    8th-Engineering Design and Presentation

    9th-Learning Center


    Contact info:

    Email- andrew.maxwell@decaturisd.us

    Phone- 940-393-7287


    Golf Parent Meeting address:



    Golf Contact Page:

    Golf Contact info


    Boys Spring Varsity Schedule-2021

    Girls Spring Varsity Schedule-2021