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    Decatur ISD Pre-K

    Prekindergarten can be one of a child’s most exciting years in school. Four-year-olds are naturally curious and eager to learn. Prekindergarteners leave the DISD program with a love of learning and the skills they need to be successful students and citizens.

    Every DISD pre-kindergarten class has a certified teacher who instructs with state approved curriculum to provide enriching experiences for children.

    Younger children learn through structured play with focus on phonics, social emotional growth, number sense, expanding vocabulary, and fine/gross motor skills

    Students that qualify with limited English Proficiency or students with learning disabilities will have the opportunity to attend a more specialized pre-school experience.

    Bilingual Pre-K - Rann

    PPCD- Preschool Programs for students with disabilities - Young


    How do I enroll my child in PreK for 2022-23?

    If your child is eligible for PreK, you can complete the process in Skyward.  Enrollment