• Jim Allsup
    Agriculture Science / FFA
    Decatur High School


    Bachelors Degree: Agriculture and Extension Education - New Mexico State University 
    Master Degree: Education:  SouthWest Texas State
    Personal Strengths: Learner, Maximizer, Focus, Empathy, Achiever 

    Class Schedule 2020/2021  School Year 
    Tutorial available before and after school on a student need basis 
    1st Period: Principles of Floral Design
    2nd Period: Priciples of Floral Design / Advanced Floral Design  
    3rd Period: Principles of Floral Design  
    4th Period: Veterinary Medical Applications
    5th: Small Animal Management / Equine Science  
    6th Period: Horticulture / Greenhouse / Advanced Plant Science
    7th Period: Lunch
    8th Period: Confrence 
    9Th Period: Advanced Animal Science 
    It has always been a privilege for me to share and teach the world of Agriculture. The State of Texas as well the county of Wise has a deep history and future that is directly related to agriculture and everything that surrounds it. It is my intention that every student that walks into my classroom leaves with individual respect and an attitude of gratefulness for the industry. 


    Great Day 
    to be a
    Decatur Eagle