My name is Emery M Santos Maldonado . I was born and raised in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. I moved to the United States to start a new adeventure with my family  and have now been in the States for 5 years. My husband's name is Jomar and I have two amazing children, Janiel  and Jomar. 
    I really enjoy traveling, listening to music, and reading. I love teaching Spanish because I believe that it will open many doors of opportunity for you, if you choose to invest the time and effort that it takes to learn a second language. 
    My favorite word is EXPLORE because as a teacher and an individual I want to keep the wonder of learning something new and instill that same love for learning in my students.  
    I am so happy to be part of Decatur High School! See you in Spanish class! Sí, se puede WEPA.....
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