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  • CLICK HEREThe Decatur Independent School District's athletic program is to offer all athletes the opportunity to achieve their individual athletic potential and their team's athletic potential while developing an appreciation for integrity, academics, attitude, perseverance, responsibility, and the art of goal setting.

    We believe: 

    • The combination of sports and academics can be a tremendous experience in a young person's life. A broad and sound sports program for all students can provide invaluable experiences for the participants.
    • A sound, wholesome sports program will contribute to and offer involvement to all students as participants, support groups, or as spectators. It will also serve the community by providing entertainment and establishing a common ground of interest, which will draw citizens together in support of the various sports and activities.
    • It is important to see athletics as a part of the total educational program. It should complement and contribute to the overall educational process. 
     "Building champions on the field, in the classroom and in life." 
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  • Athletic Director, Head Football Coach

    Mike Fuller



    Assistant to the Athletic Director

    Linda Hudler