Logo Standards Guide

  • The Decatur ISD identity is a valuable organizational asset that distinguishes DISD's achievements and services from other school districts in the state and the country.
    In a visual identity system, the logo is supported by specifications for font selection, color usage and layout applications.  The system demonstrates the proper construction guidelines for the logo.  The best visual identity systems are executed with consistency and adherence to Logo standards like the one DISD has created.  
    Please take the time to read and properly implement our Logo standards.  This discipline is fundamental to the success of our identity program and the success of our brand.  This guide provides you with a set of rules and examples to assist in making the best possible decisions for the creation of our communication materials.  We encourage you to strive for quality and consistency to ensure that the Decatur Independent School District is represented with clarity, integrity and consistency.  
    No element of our district logo may be used to promote non-district activities or to imply endorsement without prior written approval. 
    For questions regarding proper use of our Decatur ISD logo, please contact our Communications Department: communications@decaturisd.us or 940-393-7114.

Decatur ISD Logo with Wordmark

Decatur ISD Logo with wordmark and tagline

"D" symbol with Established Year

"D" symbol- standalone

Eagle Mascot Logo

Power Point Template