School Bus Operator Qualifications and Certifications


According to Transportation Code 521.0 a school Bus Operator Must:    

  • Be at least 21 years old.

  • Hold an appropriate class ( A or B) CDL for the vehicle in which they are driving.

  • Meet the mental and physical capability requirements established by the Department of  Public Safety and annually pass an approved examination that reveals the physical and mental capabilities to safely operate a school bus.

  • Have driving record that is acceptable according to the minimum standards adopted by DPS.  An annual evaluation of a persons driving record is required. Any person who has accumulated 10 pts or more is ineligible to transport students. ( See Penalty Points Below)

  • Have an acceptable Criminal History record.

  • Possess a valid certificate stating that the driver is enrolled in, or has completed, a driver training course in school bus safety education approved by DPS. 


The Decatur Bus Team members are important contributors to a quality educational program for our students.  The team member’s job involves professional conduct, public relations, extensive training, and participation in continuing education/training.  The team member often sets the mood for the child’s day, as the first people from the school system the student sees in the morning and the last the student sees at the end of the day.  A good bus ride starts the day off right by delivering the student to school ready to learn.

Team members work together to provide assistance to special needs students and in dealing with all grade levels of students on their respective routes, including student management, helping students enter and leave buses and crossing streets.

Personal characteristics enter into consideration when a team member applies for employment and are also noted during the period of employment.  They must be punctual and dependable in reporting to work and in driving their route.  Team members need to be honest with their supervisors, students, coworkers, parents, and themselves.  There are many rules that will help to make the day much easier and safer.  Some of these have been determined by other team members, some by the supervisors and some are Texas state laws and district policy.  Each of the regulations, requirements, and responsibilities should be followed carefully.


Training Program

School Bus Driver's have 5 different Mandatory trainings per year:

1) Bloodborne Pathogens ( Health and Safety Code 81.301)

2) Special Education Training (Public Law 94-142 section 121a)

3) Management of Diabetes ( House Bill 984)

4) Drug and Alcohol Education (Omnibus Transportation Testing Act of 1991)

5) School Bus Evacuation Training (TX Education Code 34.0021) 

In addition to this training, a driver receives 40 hours per year additional training in areas of safety, department procedures and district policy.