Please follow the directions below to submit a Field Trip or SUV request:

  • Sign in to Eduphoria

  • Select 'FORMSPACE"

  • Select "SUBMIT NEW FORM" (lower left corner of page)

  • Select "GENERAL FORMS"

  • Choose the appropriate request option

Please scroll to the bottom to be redirected to EDUPHORIA  

Field Trip Information (accounts will be charged $2.00/mile)

  • Field Trip Requests must be turned in two weeks before the trip. Exceptions play-off games.

  • When you turn in the request, you must state any additional equipment, such as car seats, harnesses, or wheelchair lift.

  • You may not request a certain driver.

  • If you have your own driver, please state the time the driver that will be coming to pick-up the bus.

  • You must have an budget code on your request form.

  • If you need to make changes to your request, please contact Transportation 24 hours in advance.

  • Loose articles must be secured. If you put something such as a cooler in a seat, someone will have to sit with it.

  • Nothing is allowed in the aisle or on the floor of the bus. This is a safety issue.

  • There must always be a sponsor on the bus with their group.

  • Extra riders which are not affiliated with the district must be approved by Transportation Director.

  • Over-night Trips - Sponsors are responsible for the driver's room and admission to any events they will be attending.

  • The sponsor must be sure that his/her group is following the school bus safety rules and bus expectations.

  • The sponsor is responsible for picking up trash and personal items.

  • You will receive a confirmation when your trip has been approved.

  • Our standard size bus will hold approximately:


                                         77               pre k/kinder                                                                                  

                                         65               3rd-4th graders

                                         55-60         5-8 graders

                                         50-55         High school


      * You can request an 84 passenger bus if your numbers are close to the 77 passenger capacity. 

SUV Information (accounts will be charged $0.585/mile)

General Information 

  • DISD Employees are the only ones that may drive the SUV's. This is for insurance purposes.

  • All passengers/drivers must wear a seat belt.

  • No tobacco use is allowed in any school vehicle.

  • All trash and personal items should be removed from the vehicle. 


Requests and Cancellations  

  • Requests are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • Requests must be made through the website. Please do not send an e-mail request.

  • If you need to cancel a reservation, please let transportation know as soon as possible.

  • All requests must have a budget code.

  • Please fill in the form completely. Do not leave anything blank.

  • If you need special equipment like a trailer or trailer hitch, it must be stated under comments.

  • Times that you request must be as accurate as possible. This will help in scheduling.


Pick - up

  • The keys and paperwork may be picked up at theTransportation office the day of the trip or the night before if traveling on the weekend.  You may not pick up the vehicle a day early.

  • When you pick up your SUV, you will be supplied with keys, a way to get into the gate, and fuel pin # if necessary. Be sure you have all these things before you leave.

  • Please inspect the vehicle prior to leaving and let the office know if there is any concern. 

  • You must write down the beginning mileage. 

  • Park your personal vehicle in the extra spot with indicating the same number as your SUV.


Drop - off

  • The vehicle will need to be put back in the correct spot.

  • Please return paper work and keys to the office or place it in the mailbox that looks like a bus on the corner of the building.

  • The SUV must be brought back clean. Please take the time to inspect the interior for trash or personal items.

  • An extra fee may be accessed for a vehicle that is brought back dirty.

  • You must write down the ending mileage.

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