Open Records Request

In accordance with the Texas Public Information Act, records/documents on file with the Decatur Independent School District are available to the general public upon request. The Act does not require the district to create new records/documents, to do legal research, or to answer questions. Therefore, only records/documents currently in existence are subject to the Act. Requests for existing public records/documents may be submitted by mail or electronically. Please be specific in your request regarding exact dates, names, and time periods.

  • Mail your request including your name, address, and a list of requested documents to:

Decatur ISD
Attn: Zaira Palomo
307 South Cates Street
Decatur, TX 76234

  • Electronic request by completing the online form here.

  • Email your request here.

Depending upon the volume and type of record/document requested, certain charges may apply as set by the State of Texas. Please refer to DISD policy for information on charges including postage and handling fees. For charges exceeding the amount of $40.00, you will receive an estimate and have the opportunity to either accept the charges, modify or withdraw your request. Some information, such as student information and certain employee information, is protected by various confidentiality laws and may need to be withheld in whole or part.