Student Data Privacy

Decatur Independent School District values the privacy of our students and employees and are committed to ensuring that their data is protected. As a district we are dedicated to following and enforcing the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student educational records. Furthermore, the district encourages employees, students, and parents to become educated on the issue of data privacy and security.

Our district, schools, and technology partners are subject to strict penalties under law if student information is misused or compromised. Decatur ISD is committed to the appropriate use of student personal information by adhering to all applicable laws.

How We Are Committed:

  • Do not share a student’s personally identifiable data unless the personally identifiable data is in accordance with:

    • The Family Education and Privacy Act (FERPA) and related provisions under 20 U.S.C Secs 1232(g) and 1232(h);

    • The Children’s Online Protection Act;

    • or has appropriate data authorization.

  • Data Privacy Agreements are executed with district adopted 3rd party Resources

  • Data privacy and cybersecurity awareness training for staff

  • Ongoing monitoring of district 3rd party vendor cybersecurity ratings

  • Thorough review and vetting of 3rd party applications requests

  • Block web domains that do not comply with the Decatur ISD curriculum framework and/or data governance standards

  • Student data privacy laws and best practices embedded in professional learning and curriculum training

  • Engaged with privacy and security minded groups and organizations

Additional Data Privacy Resources