Veteran Hall of Honor

Below is the script read at our dedication ceremony held May 24, 2017:

"It is our privilege to honor Decatur High School graduates who have served our country in the US Armed Forces with our “Veteran Hall of Honor”.  This memorial wall has grown to feature the names of 146 hometown patriots who have made Decatur proud with their service and some even paying the ultimate sacrifice for their country.  

Decatur’s strong and proud tradition of service dates back to World War I, when Edward Hornback, Decatur class of 1915, served as a US Army Sergeant. From there it continues with Jack Rieger, Decatur class of 1925, who served as an Air Force Captain.  All told, our “Veteran Hall of Honor” lists the names of nearly 150 Decatur graduates, and more will be added every year.  

The “Veteran Hall of Honor” is the brainchild of five community members who believe there is value in celebrating these local heroes within the walls of DHS…a reminder to students and faculty that the freedoms that we enjoy—to learn, discover, and compete—come at the cost of sacrifice and service.  The names of these local patriots are a daily reminder to students that former Eagles, young men and women no different from themselves, have left Decatur and gone on to carry the banner of America and all it stands for around the world. Thank you to Judge Stephen Wren, Gay Trachta, Melinda Reeves, Tim Woodruff and Tony Mooney who instigated the “Hall of Honor” and who will support it as it continues to grow.

If you know the name of a veteran who served, please visit our district website and fill out the DHS Veterans form.  Thank you, and thank you to all the local patriots who represent the grateful people of Decatur in the U.S. Armed Forces around the globe."


If you would like to submit a DHS graduate's name for our wall, we plan to update the nameplates annually each summer. 

Please contact the communications office to submit a name. Send Email