flag club in gym, meeting

The Rann Elementary F.L.A.G. Club has brought new opportunities for 3rd-5th grade students to step into a leadership role, not only on campus, but in their personal lives.  This program instills pride and respect for our United States Flag through an extensive education program.  Students are held accountable for the proper Flying, Lowering, And Gathering of the United States Flag during the school year.

On campus, they serve on teams that rotate throughout the year, raising, lowering and folding the flags morning and afternoon, lead the pledges on the daily announcements, and help bring awareness to patriotic holidays on our campus.

School employee and community ambassador, Lauri Henderson, shared the following regarding the F.L.A.G. club.  "Outside of school, I have parents who share pictures with me of their child honoring the flag elsewhere and who share facts they have learned about our country and our flag.  Students, daily, share stories of ways they get to show off their knowledge to others in their family and community."

The group also meets once per month to learn about the flag and also listen to guest speakers.  this month Petty Officer Payne (aka MMN1, Machinist's Mate, First Class, Nuclear Field) was the featured guest speaker.  He is the father of Rann students and spoke to the club about the history, meaning, and etiquette surrounding the United States Flag.  He is also brought some Navy swag for the club members.

Rann is in year 2 of the program and have grown from 51 members and 3 teacher leaders to 99 members and 14 teacher/staff leaders in just two short years!  The F.L.A.G club would love to volunteer if there are ever opportunities within the district or community that would be an opportunity for our students to assist with United States Flag presentation or education.