committee planning

Hello Decatur ISD Parents, Guardians, Staff and Community,

The Decatur ISD school board and administration have partnered with Corgan Architects to facilitate a community committee dedicated to the work of long range facility planning for Decatur ISD.  This is not a bond committee.  This group will look at growth projections, demographic data, current building and facility status and community vision in order to form a ten-year facility plan from which future decisions can be based.

This group will begin meeting in the spring.  The meeting schedule will be advertised to the committee members as soon as the meeting dates are solidified with the school board and administration.  Though the schedule may adjust due to committee needs, we will attempt to stay with the posted schedule so that the committee can adequately plan their calendars.

These meetings WILL BE OPEN TO THE COMMUNITY and recorded for public review.  You do not have to be on the official committee to attend.  

Official committee members would need to make the commitment to attend as many meetings as possible, to fully process all information from each meeting for consistency and efficiency.

This work will not be quick.  It will be done thoroughly, which means the work will take as long as needed in order to be useful to the current and future decision makers of Decatur ISD.

If you are interested in being on the committee you can submit your name HERE.

Keep up with long range facility planning HERE.

Questions can be emailed to or HERE.

We look forward to this process as we plan for the future of our district.

Thank you,

Decatur ISD