Traditional Finance Transparency Star Awarded to Decatur ISD

Decatur ISD Recognized for Their Commitment to Fiscal Accountability in Local Government by The Comptroller’s Transparency Stars Program

Be it known to all,

Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts Glen Hegar is pleased to present the award for Traditional Finances to Decatur ISD for going above and beyond in their efforts to demonstrate their commitment to fiscal accountability and transparency to their constituents. Since 2016, the Comptroller’s office through the Transparency Stars program, has recognized local government entities who put forth exemplary efforts to upload and maintain certain financial and reporting pertaining to:

·       Traditional Finances (Decatur ISD has achieved.)

·       Debt Obligations (Decatur ISD is able to achieve.)

·       Public Pensions

·       Economic Development

·       Contracts and Procurement (Decatur ISD is possibly able to achieve.)

Decatur ISD is one of 93 public school districts out of over 1200 in Texas to achieve the Traditional Finance Transparency Star.

Decatur ISD’s receipt of this distinguished achievement signifies their participation in the Transparency Stars Program for one year from the date of award. As a part of Decatur ISD shall be subject to unannounced review of their webpage by Comptroller staff to ensure that they continue to maintain the standards of the program as facilitated.

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