carson 2nd grade market day, children at table with sales items

Carson Elementary 2nd graders showed off their handmade wares and services today at the annual 2nd Grade Market Day.

all vendors

Students learning about the roles of producers and consumers in the production of goods and services (2nd grade Social Studies and Financial Literacy TEKS) put their knowledge into practice. Some of the students and their families created goods to sell. Other students offered services such as gaming, hair styling and manicures. Families, staff and other Carson students visited the Market Day and spent their "money " at the various vendor booths.

"Market Day is a culminating activity as the students are studying financial literacy. The students have to plan ahead to ensure that their goods and services are priced right, are effectively advertised, and that their inventory will match the expected demand. The whole school gets involved as every grade visits to make their purchases. The excitement of students showing pride in the goods and services they provided as well as purchasing wares from their friends created a buzz of learning and fun," said Principal Craig Weston.

Weston commented, "It’s a great day as kids’ research and creativity finally come to fruition. There’s an excitement in the air as the whole school community is excited to see what unique and interesting items are marketed."

doing hair