strength, weakness, opportunity, threat graphic

Decatur ISD is progressing in our strategic planning process centered around four main perspectives: staff, students, community and finance. A community advisory committee, the school board, the staff and the district leadership have provided feedback in the form of SWOT analysis. A SWOT analysis finds common trends regarding strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  DISD invited staff and community feedback as part of the SWOT analysis over a period of months this fall.  The following highlights the results of the survey.

Feedback Compiled from Community SWOT Survey

153 Responses (as of 11-18-22 which was close of survey)


  • Teachers and Staff

  • Community / Pride / Spirit

  • Current Leadership

  • Hometown feel / Small size district

  • Communication

  • Students

  • STEM campus

  • Athletic Programs

  • Academic Opportunities


  • Size and age of facilities (majority response by large margin)

  • Lack of equitable academic rigor for all

  • School board trust

  • Needs of diverse and minority populations

  • Allowing transfer students to enter DISD

  • Athletics over academics

  • Support for staff

  • Behavior / Bullying

  • Communication from classroom to home

  • Transparency in all areas of district

  • Recurrent changes in leadership


  • Facilities- Build, Renovate, Add (majority response by large margin)

  • Growth of community

  • Academic rigor

  • Rebuilding of school / community relationships

  • Social and emotional learning / Bullying prevention

  • Communication

  • Teacher retention (support the staff and increase pay)


  • Overcrowding (majority response by large margin)

  • Age of facilities

  • Teacher retention

  • Students become lost in the system with growth

  • Opportunities for differentiated learning opportunities K-12 for all populations