Reading Intervention

reading lab

Welcome to the Reading Lab where MAGIC happens! 

In the Lab, we use a variety of activities to strengthen our Reading Skills. We serve students in Grades K-5 in a small group setting. Our activities are research-based, very explicit and give us lots of "bang for our buck" during our time together. 

How can I help my child at home? Helpful Links and Information

  • Reading Rockets
    Lots of helpful info! Start here for great articles and help in understanding the reading process. This site always has the latest research about the Science of Reading! 

  • Oh no! My child mixes B's and D's!

    This is a short article that explains the developmental reading process and how mixing letters is a normal part of the process. 

  • What is Dyslexia?
    This site describes and answers questions about Dyslexia. Not all reading difficulties are caused by Dyslexia! 

  • The Measured Mom

    There are LOTS of free printable resources and activities listed on  this website. Check it out!

  • This Reading Mama
    This website offers wonderful suggestions to help. your young readers at home. 

  • Starfall
    This is a great website for online or app practice of early K-1 skills.

  • Reading A-Z
    This website offers a free trial to see if the materials are a good fit for your family. It features digital books on a variety of levels and topics. It also has a section for decodable books!

  • Teach Your Monster to Read
    This is one of my absolute fav websites and sometimes you can even catch it as the "Free App of the Day!"