Ava Eichberger with award and flowers

Decatur ISD is proud of announce that Ava Eichberger,  Young Elementary third grader, received the General Federation of Women's Clubs First Place International Writing Award (K-2nd Grade Division) for her short story titled, "Pencil and Eraser."  

The story was submitted to the Decatur Women's Club in  spring 2023 through her second grade classroom. She was awarded first place for the campus, area and state in May. 

Pencil and Eraser 
Once upon a time there was Pencil and Eraser. Pencil always said "Hey Eraser, you can't write." That hurt Eraser's feelings. Pencil also said "You are nothing and you can't do anything." Eraser said "I can do stuff. I can erase if you make a mistake." "Yeah but you can't make pretty pictures like me" said Pencil. "Yeah I guess you're right, uhhhhh man" said Eraser. Pencil made Eraser sad again. "Look, I can make a picture too," Eraser told Pencil. "No you can't, that's just eraser pebbles Eraser'' said Pencil. 
"Hey Eraser, tomorrow is the big math test. Are you ready to not help a bit tomorrow?" asked Pencil. "Oh I am going to help Pencil!" said Eraser. Pencil woke up and said " Oh I am so ready for this test today!" Eraser said " I am excited for this test today because I am going to help Pencil! He's just wrong.He will wait and see!" 
The big math test began. 
"Oops" said Pencil. "Where's Eraser? I need help. I did make a mistake. You are right." "I will help you", said Eraser. "Thanks," said Pencil. "I am sorry for being mean to you. Do you want to be friends?" asked Pencil. "Yes", said Eraser. So they lived happily ever after.